Meet the LVLC Staff:

Sarah Deal

Coordinating Teacher

Sarah hails from Washington State in the USA. She put together her interests in teaching and missions, and started teaching for SIL in 2011, then at Lake Victoria Learning Center in 2013. Sarah enjoys Musoma, since it's a small town near the lake with both missionary community and opportunities for Tanzanian relationships. She loves the laughter that the missionary kids bring to her life.

Meet the LVLC Staff:

Lyndy Henrickson


Lyndy officially comes from Texas, but she spent her secondary school years as a missionary kid in Albania. There she formed a desire to serve God by serving His workers living in places without a school for their children. She has been teaching MKs in Musoma since 2009 and has enjoyed growing along with the learning center on her property. She is passionate about her students and loves planning learning activities for them, particularly with History and Science. Lyndy feels very privileged to work closely with the wonderful missionary families in Musoma.

We need another teacher (or two)!

Are you a certified teacher (or working on your credentials) with at least one year of experience? You can help us enable many missionary families to continue their work in Tanzania. You'll also enjoy a great opportunity to work in a unique, multi-level, non-traditional setting. Click here to learn more.