About the Learning Center

Lake Victoria Learning Center (LVLC) is led by teachers, working with parents to meet the educational needs of the children. LVLC is self-funded by the parents of the children in attendance.

Read on below to learn about our purpose, mission and scope. Click here to meet our teaching staff.


LVLC exists to...
  • provide high-quality education for SIL’s expatriate families. Recognizing the passport diversity of its families, LVLC tries to be sensitive to their needs.
  • give children a group learning experience
  • facilitate recruitment and retention of SIL missionaries serving in Tanzania


LVLC seeks to provide a secure, positive learning environment in which each child is encouraged to:
  • grow in the knowledge and love of God
  • see learning through a Biblical worldview
  • discover the joy of learning, and establish practical learning skills
  • do his or her best to develop personal talents and abilities
  • love, respect, and help others
  • fulfill his or her academic potential


LVLC's priority is to provide primary level education (i.e. 5 to 13 year olds). Pre-school and/or secondary education may be provided and/or supported when there is teaching capacity. When teaching capacity permits, SIL will consider inviting other missionary families to join LVLC.